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Welcome to the Worldwide Immigration Ltd, the UK’s leading immigration specialists.
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We understand that embarking on a legal journey can be daunting and sometime costly. That’s why when you choose Worldwide Immigration you’re choosing the best in legal advice at a transparent cost.
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Our specialist lawyers are on hand to help and offer expert guidance at every step of the immigration process. Our expert advisors are on hand to provide honest, tailored, friendly, reliable and professional help to individuals across London, UK.
Shyamal Jha
Shyamal Jha
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A Spouse Visa, Also Known As A UK Marriage Visa, Is A Type Of Settlement Visa. It Allows You To Live In The UK For Up To 30 Months...
Sponsor Licence
You Will Need To Sponsor Any Overseas National You Wish To Employ In The UK.
You May Be Able To Apply To Come To The UK As The Dependent Child Or Adult Dependent Relative Of A British Citizen Or Person...
If You Are A Non-EEA National And You Are Currently Working, Living, Studying Or Seeking Refuge In The UK...
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applying for ILR as a dependent of a skilled worker
13 Sept

Applying for ILR as a Dependant of a Skilled Worker

In this blog, we address some of the frequently asked questions that arise when individuals are applying for indefinite leave to remain as either a dependent partner or a dependent child of a Skilled Worker..
Top Most demand jobs in the UK
14 September

Top 9 most demand jobs in United Kingdom

In an ever-evolving global job market, certain industries and professions continue to thrive, attracting talent from around the world.
blog 3
30 March

Top 9 most demand jobs in U.S.A

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  • Do I have to visit Worldwide Immigration's offices, or do we have an alternate option?
    We offer an office appointment, video call appointment through Teams, or a telephonic call appointment as per your convenience and availability of our experts.
  • How do your professional fees work?
    We charged a fixed fee and we also offer a NO WIN NO FEE based on the details of your case. We are not the cheapest firm, nor the most expensive, but we feel we are a safe choice for those who want experienced and dedicated lawyers but do not want to overpay..
  • Do you guarantee my visa will be granted or offer “No Win No Fee”??
    We can offer a No Win No Fee service to clients. We assess the prospects after a short discussion and then provide a quote. Clients can then accept a lower fee without a guarantee of return of fees or choose to go with a quote with a guarantee of return of fees. It is important that you are honest with us about your situation and obtain the documents we ask for as this could invalidate a No Win No Fee agreement. It is important to note that we hold all fees at the time of application, which will be returned if the matter is refused..